Executive Team 

Chairwoman: Antonia Fox 

  • Antonia Fox is the chairwoman of the society, who is ultimately the head of the society and has the final say on the society budget, debates and events.
  • She regularly chairs the debates, and ensures the debates are interesting and often controversial. The whole executive team work together to manage and organise the society, but Antonia is responsible for the upkeep of the society. 
  • Antonia is a third year sociology student and she loves to debate about equality.
  • You can contact her personally via email at : A.Fox.12@unimail.winchester.ac.uk or  Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/antonia.fox.3. 

Vice Chairwoman: Eli Nixon-Davingoff 

  • Eli is the vice-chair of the society and works along side the chair to ensure a successful running of the society.Eli plays a key role in organising and running debates and events within the society.
  • The challenge debates are her responsibility, and she has introduced a new tally system to be present during the challenge debates to record the winners ready for the end of the year winners.
  • Eli is a third year sociology student and you can contact her personally via email at : E.Nixon-Davingof.12@unimail.winchester.ac.uk. or via Twitter: @StrangelyBlue 

Social Secretary and Publicity Officer: Elle Hayward 

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Below is a map of the University of Winchester campus, where we meet in St Edburga 201. Which is across the bridge furthest from the library opposite the Main Building and down some stairs.